Permaculture Farm  and  Recycling 

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Trees  to plant

mixed Poplar         350

caragana               300

villosa lilac             300

sea buckthorn        250

choke cherry          200

manitoba maple      200

hawthorn                175

colorado spruce      100

green  ash               75

white spruce            20

willow                       ?

raspberry                  ?

saskatoon                ?

over 2000, last three not from the government

Tree Planting Plans

Kevin ordered trees from the government to be planted as a new shelter belt, the old ones have mostly died out. He has arranged for  connections through verge permaculture to be in charge of the tree planting and initial care, then its up to us to water them and keep the deer away. Joshua Baker of Radicle Routes will be in charge of the project and is available if anyone else is looking for this type of project work on their own farm or acreage. We will be getting our compost tea and soil treatments for the trees from Mike D .