Permaculture Farm  and  Recycling 

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Permaculture Plans for Our farm


rain water collection

I have been experimenting with collecting rain water from our house. 1000 liter cubes are easy to use but  more costly to buy. Kevin got 3 last year and I managed to  get one for free this spring. I have collected over 60 def 200 liter barrels (from work). I have filled  53 of them to date with rain water, plus 6 cubes of water. barrels are still all full as of June  15. I have used two cubes of water for washung rental equipment and we used one cube to water grass that we seeded for the wedding. Water was also used to add moisture to mulch.During the big rain storm the one down spout got plugged with leaves that blew of the tree during the storm. We lost many hundreds of liters of water. Rough calculations, we collected 17000 liters of rain water this spring so far. Our house with veranda is about 1900 sq ft. we are in the dryest part of our area, Calgary recieves a lot more rain than we do.I quit collecting rain water in early July, but still collected over 25,000 liters of water.

I drilled 1 inch holes in the barrels and inserted pieces of plastic  hose from barrel to barrel. This worked very well in most cases. I had cut the tops of some of the barrels for cleaning up the yard during the spring, these barrels were a little shorter and had  to be adjusted so they were on higher groung than the newer barrels.

we now have over 100  def barrels and about 20 oil cubes, enough for saving 40,000 liters of water.present plans are to start a lined biobed to put the water from washing this barrels into.(pit, liner, soil, compost,  hay, ) and let the microbes do the work.


We now have two small donkeys,  two llamas, 2 rabbits, 7 laying hens and about 40 chicks were talken to the Hutterites,they butchered them for us, the weighed over 6 pounds each. the donkeys and llamas and rabbits are for the grandkids enjoyment. The hens and chicks are being raised by the  free range method....a small goat was givien to kevin and katie for a wedding present, ummmmmmmmmm  what a pest it is. The dogs got out and the goat is no longer around. One rabbit died and the other got out and is living in freedom, he mostly hangs around the chicken pen(Dec  16), she is still running free (June3 2013)


we still are  doing some composting but for this year the piles are in the field. We didnt add enough water or turn them to get more air in the piles. we will be more organized for next year.


We are finally getting a bit more organized on our plans for a Permaculure farm. Kevin and Katie have now completed their move to the farm.  The renters took over their Calgary house and the have moved into their winterized 5th wheel trailer, sharing as much of our house as they need. We have a c-can storing most of their stuff. It will be a future storage building for farm things after a house is built or remodelled for them in ?  years.  for more on the changes we are planning go to permacultur2013.

I am still collecting DEF  barrels and c


As many of you know, Kevin and Katie are getting married at the farm in July. Therefore most permaculture projects have been postponed till next year. even all gardening was postponed till next year. we soent a lot of time cleaning up for the wedding...over 200 people were at the farm for the wedding, kevin and debbie arranged for the food and cooking and serving it, straw bales were used as seats for the wedding, have to ask kevin to put some pictures on here. it was a hot day no rain. the dance was out back of the old dairy barn.  of course the donkeys got out of the pen and went up to the neighbors at 11pm, guess the music was to loud.