Permaculture Farm  and  Recycling 

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The Longeways

Brian & Debbie....Kevin & Katie....

We have started using used wooden pallets around the farmstead. We haven't had animals on the farm for years, so the fences are falling down. We have started getting a few animals for the grand kids to grow up with. They live in town but come out often. So far I have hauled about 700 pallets from town.

Our plans are to develope the farmstead as a productive permaculture site for others to learn from. This will take some time to implement.  We  will learn by our mistakes and from others. As we are all working of the farm these things will take time. Send us your ideas and suggestions. If your going to be north of Calgary  Alberta stop by to visit. Check our list of things to do and the things we are recycling. (recycling)


1-fences for small animals- donkey and llamas ... some wind damage in very strong winds that closed down town Calgary, toppled a cement silo, blew the roof of several hay sheds  west of here and up rooted two spruce trees in our yard planted over 50 years ago

2-protection for newly planted trees from wind and animals ... wind damage

3-protection for existing natural gas stand .. wind damage

4-snow fence ... wind damage

5-wedding decorations ... moved up in list for Katie ..

6-small donkey barn/shelter ... no wind damage

7-door stoppers old barn doors ... ok in wind

8-house veranda railing ..enclosed

9-water well protection ... well built no wind damage

10-old fence spot repairs  ... ok in wind

11-compost boxes ... using pile system

12-tarp hold downs for winter on kids sand box ... work very good in high winds

13-christmas lawn decorations ... only in thr dream stage yet

14-night time camp fires ...  when ever its not to dry or cold

15-kids forts/play houses ... drawing board

16-chicken enclosers .. spring project

17-weight in half ton truck for snowy roads ... works ok so far  waiting for hevier snow fall

18-storage of fire wood ... will be used when we cut up the spruce trees that fell in the wind..idea from reader of web site (my sister)

19-lawn equipment storage shed ...using old dairy barn

 20-many more uses have been developed, check photos