Permaculture Farm  and  Recycling 

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We have tried different permaculture idea, last spring we planted a food forest by Kevin and Katies new house. over 50 trees including spruce were planted. June and July were very dry months I water them by hand every other day. as long as the deer    and porcupines stay away things should be good. In each row comfrey and rhubarb were planted. In  early November  well over 100 comfrey plants were growing..

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check our photo section for photos of our farm, the new house, trees, broiler chicks and were the bees, goats and pigs will go they will be updated by 2017 Jan 1st

New Garden

a garden was started north of the house last year (potatoes, peas,  beans and sunflowers).the broiler chicks were allowed in the potato patch last summer.

Garlic was planted here by truck light in November. a larger   garden  area was prepared for next year.

in 2017  we are going to try a straw bale garden too, we acquired some barley straw bales from a field that had received no weed spray last year.


PLANS:  for a STRAW BALE GARDEN in a double row, strings to the side

2..water bales thoroughly for up to 14 days

3.. add 3 cups organic fertilizer every day to each bale for 5 days

4..add 1.5 cups for 5 more days, soak with water to get in to the bales

5..6ft posts at the end of each row for trellis wires or strings 10 add wood ash to top of bales and sawdust shavings and coffee grounds

7..make a seed hole for seed and planting mix

8..hang tarp on bottom trellis wire for early heat containment

 9..put herbs on side of bales

  organic fertilizer will be a mixture of comfrey tea, worm compost tea and donkey llama tea, these items will be soaked in separate barrels and mixed when used.

there will be two different sites for the straw bales.

Projects started or Ideas to do


bees and be equipment has been ordered for spring. 4 Holstein calves were purchased last week. we might get a couple pigs or some goats. the last 4 steers make very good eating.

the worms are still living but  several times what I fed them slow down their expantion in numbers. Hoping I have now solved that problem.

I was retired a year ago, or at least I was replaced a Koch Fuels/Petrocan/Flamans. Took a while to get used to not working 10 or so hours a day. a lot of june and early July I spent hours watering the food forest and gardens/raised garden beds. It was very very dry here during that period. making plans to get more done this year.

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