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june 2nd update

Posted by Brian Longeway on June 2, 2013 at 10:15 PM

May was a very busy month at work for me work 131 hrs 10-25may. worked from apr22 to may 25 without a complete day off. Debbie has spent about 3 weeks staying with her mother(cancer). Kevin,Katie and Brad also very busy at work.

lost a few broilers to ??  cats  ?? ravens  ??, sickness??,their pen was fully enclosed to keep their predators out about 1400 trees planted, 600 in garden for a nursery for now. still managed to collect some usable thing

a new garden was started just east of the house cardboard around the edges , then compost and dirt from the old garden, then the rains came and delayed things.

few tomatoes coming on the plants my brother started for us.

 donkeys and llamas locked in upper pasture until trees fenced,

 grand daughter Sammy almost stepped on a porcupine

 the Calgary gardners have started their experimental garden by the small house.

 Kevin attented a rocket mass school/building seminar this past  weekend.

 2nd group of broilers are located in the east end of the old dairy barn, we build a new home for  them there last weekend

collected 10 cubes of rain water from the house roof, again we were not completely set up so a lot was missed

eggs... Mandy has been selling all the pullet eggs in Carstairs, about 25 a day

last weekend  Kevin and I went to a open house  for a dome green house, hoping to get a green house operational by fall and winter heat it with a rocket mass heater

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